Alix Steel Moves to Bloomberg

Way more personality than the subject warrants. From the Kitco archives.

Why do I care Alix Steel moved up to Bloomberg Business from Kitco, where she used to spread her personal brand of sunshine over the rollercoaster ride of gold prices?

Only my analyst knows for sure.

But she has and with the move has come a change of look. As she twitted yesterday, “this was a ‘I now get to have my hair and makeup done’ look!”

Gone are the bare-armed, odd color combos of yore. Analyzing Warren Buffet’s anti-gold stance in the video below, Steel is a pastel vision of pink, lilac, yellow in matching jacket and beads, and suddenly has pinker skin, thicker hair, blacker eyelashes.

Despite the femininity upgrade, Steel remains entertainingly volatile while speaking or pretending to listen. Not yet damped-down are the signature head waggle and bobble-head nod, rapid-fire data delivery with a smile, overeagerness verging on aggression, and silly putty features that make her a cousin, once removed, to Tweety and Daffy.

Alix chimes in at 0:40, somewhat overpowering her laid-back Asian counterpart in periwinkle cap-sleeved cowl sheath with unfortunate belt.


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