Alix Steel Meets Melike Ayan

With her move to Bloomberg, Alix Steel has officially shifted from interviewer to interviewee, as her fellow-blonde says introducing her. No idea who the mature, foreign-accented, maybe Russian, interviewer is, but the pathos she brings to the topic of wealth would play well in an opera house. The two of them, really, sing a fabulous duet on the vagaries of commodities and equities.

Fascinating to watch Steel slow down her delivery of dense economic analysis, as if that’d make it more comprehensible. Her enunciation is so clear, her facial gymnastics so overdetermine each vowel, she’s like a human semaphore. A bit robotic, perhaps, but such enthusiasm and good will. Too bad she abandoned her stage career but obviously this pays better and reaches a bigger audience. And she gets to write her own material.

UPDATE: Our research staff identified the interviewer as Bloomberg’s Melike Ayan. Below, a brown-haired Ayan interviews Drs. Tamer Seckin and Mehmet Oz in Turkish. At least I think it’s Turkish. It’s beautiful, whatever it is, whatever they’re saying. Melike Ayan maintains a chokehold on the mike and wills her subjects to spiel. She has the concentrated energy of a dancer, and some of the mutism.

At 2:20, Susan Sarandon pops in to pitch endometriosis awareness in schools.


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