Planet Mars Back in Action

Tomorrow Mars “goes direct” — or appears to, since astrology is a system of metaphors for earthlings’ existence beneath the heavens. That’s good news for people who like pursuing selfish interests unrestrained, and warriors generally.

And I’m thinking — sun in Gemini, me, always thinking, writing, talking — of going to New Orleans for the big astrology conference in May. I’ve never been to New Orleans…

I’ve also never seen the movie When Were You Born (1938), starring Anna May Wong and Margaret Lindsay, which makes a murder mystery out of a bunch of astrology clichés. Sounds great to me.

They’ll be showing all 65 minutes at the conference. I’m not sure what that says about the conference — fun? inane? — but I’ve certainly enjoyed staying home watching the trailer.

And if further astrological insight be needed, I can always turn to Lisa Marie and Martin Short in Mars Attacks (1996):


what do you think?

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