Used Book Bouquet

Richard from AbeBooks, an online clearinghouse for independent booksellers* based in Victoria, British Columbia, explains that “volatile organic compounds” in paper and ink from cheaply mass-manufactured books create the distinctive aroma of book dust familiar to all lovers of used reading matter.

Richard speaks with an English accent that mangles some consonants along the way. Diffident, he lacks the ability to really sell his material, which for some viewers will constitute his charm. You might call him bookish.

Sexing-up old book smell like a fine-wine bouquet is an interesting challenge. Can you describe the smell coming off one of your old paperbacks?

And is sniffing old books a health hazard? or an unexplored recreational drug of choice.

*Need I add you should be buying via AbeBooks with Amazon as market of last resort? To support the ever-dwindling phenomenon called Independent Book Sellers.


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