The London Olympic Blitz

Luxury digs in London will host missiles during Olympics.

The Blitz was when the Germans bombed London in World War II. The London Olympic Blitz is when the British destroy their own capital with military hardware so a bunch of athletes in skimpy outfits can run around, jump, and throw things. This is in the tradition of British satire, worthy of Graham Greene or Evelyn Waugh. Except it’s not funny. It’s really, really sad.

If the Olympics aren’t going to be fun, don’t do them. Don’t agree to host them and then drive the resident population nuts with preparations for World War III. This is much worse than my having my crotch invaded by TSA, but not dissimilar. All these measures taken to defend us against “terrorists” are themselves terrifying. They destroy the quality of life they claim to defend.

Don’t invade my crotch. Don’t put missiles on top of London flats. Find another way to solve problems. Use intelligence.


One thought on “The London Olympic Blitz

  1. I read in several papers that the preparation for the Borelympics was so excruciating that most Londoners fled the city, leaving restaurants and other businesses around the city begging for customers. Sad.

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